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Charting CloudSigma burst prices

The nice folks at CloudSigma maintain 5-minute variable "burst" pricing for their cloud resources, effectively creating a "stock price" for cloud resurces (CPU, RAM, bandwidth). (And of course I do love everything that's similar to a stock exchange or a market.)

Since I'm using their cloud in multiple projects, I set up a cronjob to watch their price RSS, and make me a nice chart of the prices over the course of the day. The measurement is in "milli-USD" (so 50m is $0.05), in the Zürich datacenter, made in July, 2012. (The chart looks quite simliar every day - and it didn't change a lot between April and July, while it was charted real-time. (I wonder what causes the hourly peaks?))

P.s.: Since many has asked, my other favorite cloud provider is Linode. Because of the differences in their pricing models, I use the two of them very different ways in cloud-based systems. (And there's always Amazon, Rackspace, etc -- one should always find the right tool for the job. For example, on most of my projects, European presence is a must-have.)

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