Kristof Kovacs

Software architect, consultant

It all comes down to the bottom line.

corporate ceo

All you want to do with IT is to be able to forget about it. It's infrastructure, after all, just like invoicing and human resources. It's an important part of the structure, but only one part, and all you want is it to be a stable foundation on which you can stand to do the actual business itself.

You also know that suppliers supply only what gets into the contract, so you need a great business analyst who can understand your business concerns and the financial environment, but can write in the language that suppliers and developers will understand.

And if you find that you like to have one such person around constantly, then you need me as your interim CIO/CTO.

Speaking of the bottom line, I can also build you a business dashboard that would get information from your computer systems* and show it to you or your visitors as beautiful charts, visualizations and summaries that give information about your business' health at a glance.

* Good candidates would be your CRM (Customer Relationship Management), the accounting system, invoicing programs, website statistics, your integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, real-time mentions of you and your brand in the press or in social media, or anything else.

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