Kristof Kovacs

Software architect, consultant

Interim CIO/CTO services

interim cio/cto

Sometimes you need somebody to get your IT stuff in order. Or you need someone to regularly consult on your enterprise’s technology endeavours, or you have systems that need regular tuning or tinkering. As your interim CIO/CTO, I can help you with the following:

  • Finding out and documenting how your legacy systems work.
  • Making the needed changes to the infrastructure happen, without being invested in previous solutions.
  • Coordinate the efforts of different providers in your name.
  • Comparing solutions or suppliers. Finding the hidden costs.
  • Starting a new project that nobody in the organization have the expertise yet.
  • Expert advice, executive overview or research of any technology, in relation to your business.
  • Programming work and advice on your systems and/or websites.
  • Recommendations, inputs and suggestions, specifically for your business.
  • Security advice and audit, as needed.
  • Support for your technology team.
  • The safe feeling that you have a specialist on your team.
  • When you can't afford a full-time CIO, but still need one (like when you are a non-tech startup).

I can be your interim CIO/CTO on an hourly basis for £70/hr.

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