Kristof Kovacs

Software architect, consultant

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New project?

I'm a software developer who specializes in building your idea from the ground up; but also an agile team leader who ensures that your project is done right the first time, on budget, on time.

As a business analyst, I help pair your business objectives with commercially viable feature-sets and make sure that your money is spent efficiently.

If the project is experimental, a rapid prototype helps you explore the market or persuade investors.

Legacy applications?

I can comb through the code identifying potential bottlenecks and trouble spots.

A security audit uproots the hazards to business continuity, allowing the bugs to be fixed, fostering bulletproof operation.

Business-critical applications gain from a monitoring system, increasing customer satisfaction by decreasing downtime.

As an expert in scalable architecture, I offer to build load-balanced server clusters, enabling business growth.

Every business

As a technical writer, I can author appealing technical articles for your paper or website.

If you don't need a full time Chief Technology Officer, or need one temporarily, an interim CIO/CTO is your solution.

If you have your own developers, make them even better with good trainings & workshops. Why reinvent the wheel?

If you like to keep your finger on the heartbeat of your organization, a business dashboard allows you to monitor and optimize its workings real-time.

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