Kristof Kovacs

Software architect, consultant

Software consulting services

software consulting

Do you have a situation that overwhelms your developers? Or simply don't have the time for solving it? Have a specific problem (or problems) that need to be addressed as soon as possible?

You can hire me to make your software problems go away, for example:

  • Debugging software
  • Fixing bugs
  • Expert advice on technologies
  • Doing an independent review of a software
  • Architecture recommendations based on your business needs
  • Tuning applications that does not perform
  • Hardening applications and security audits
  • All kinds of software development

How does it work when I'm hunting a bug for you?

  • You give me access to the systems involved. (SSH, FTP, database; as needed)
  • I report back to you as soon as possible, the same day the work has started.
  • I present you with the facts, the findings and the options, and you decide how to proceed.

I do software consulting for an hourly investment of £70/hr.

What can I do to help you?

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