Kristof Kovacs

Software architect, consultant

Software development services

software development services

When you're looking for a programmer, you're looking for experienced ones. I've been programming computers since I was nine, it's my core competence, my work, and my hobby.

I'm proficient in many technologies and held down lots of jobs. Currently I do most of my programming in Golang and JavaScript, with some PHP and Erlang on the side. I can still fire up a C/C++ compiler anytime and write code that does not leak memory. I prefer working on unix (Linux, FreeBSD, etc) systems.

If you need custom software developed, let that be a sophisticated web application, an interface between two systems, a high performance number cruncher, or anything else – you can always ask me. :)

Nowadays I have my own company of software developers who I work with, and thus can take on bigger projects than I would be able to do alone.

Just send me a message with the bird's eye view of your project, and I'll get back to you to talk about the best way of having your code programmed for you on time, and on budget.

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