Kristof Kovacs

Software architect, consultant

They say that content is king. But that's only a half-truth.

Technical writer content

Articles can pull in readers, make people bookmark your site or register on it, remember your brand, and even sell advertisement. Good content can. On the other hand, bad content only repels people, but not before leaving a foul taste in the mouth, the thought "oh, another of those cheap-article-a-day content-farms that try to scam Google".

Content marketing giveth, and content marketing taketh away.

Fortunately, there is a sure-fire way to good articles. It's not even very complicated.

It's simply, "have your articles written by technical writers who are actually knowledgeable about the subject". (Well, that, and it doesn't hurt if they can actually communicate, or else you end up with dry scientific dissertations.)

For example, I'm primarily a software architect (which basically takes the skills of a systems programmer, a business analyst, and sometimes a project manager), but I also write technology articles. Often just because something inside me wants to get written out. Sometimes people commission me as a technical writer.

A small selection of articles I've authored:

For more, please explore the "Insights" menu of this site, up there.

Any topic goes that is mentioned in my software architect resume. (Look for the "Skills" cloud at the bottom for a quick glance.) Or anything that I've tweeted about. Also, anything that's cutting-edge and worth exploring -- I usually have ideas, if you don't. :)

An article usually takes about 3-8 hours to write, depending on length, amount and detail of examples, etc, with my hourly fee of £60/hr. But don't worry, I can give a forward quote when I know more about your requirements. Series and regular columns are also a possibility.

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