Kristof Kovacs

Software architect, consultant

Giving back to the community

We get so much out of open source that it always feel good to give back to the community.

Like most responsible programmers, I occasionally dive into codebases of open-source software that I use to fix what ails me, and I submit my modifications as a "patch" to the projects' owners for integration. It's a habit of mine that goes back to 1999.

Here's a list of things I've touched or created:

KKRC dotfile management tool

This script provides better way to install and maintain vimrc, screenrc and zshrc files on unices.

Commodore 64 themed web placeholder

You can have one too! :)

Timelord (time tracking)

It's a python time stracking tool for freelancers like me. Works with plain-text files for simplicity and versatility.

XCACHE emulation with Memcached

A small script acting as a drop-in replacement.

GIT-OSX-installer (source control system)

Patch to fix a missing Term/ PERL module issue.

Zend Framework (PHP framework)

Better lighttpd rewrite rule in documentation.

vTiger (CRM system)

Various bugfixes.
Better I18N code (sprintf-based).
WebService client library update functionality.

Meatball Wiki (wiki engine)

Bugfix regarding page caching

Vim (programmer's editor)

Patch to temporarily toggle the case sensitivity in search.
MySQL plugin for "netrw", to directly edit database content (not released).

Battle for Wesnoth (game)

Multiplayer end-turn notification.

Feng Office (project management system)

Minor fix to the RSS feed generator.

ELKS (embedded Linux kernel)

Usage of a HGC/MDA monitor.

OpenBSD (super-secure Unix variant)

Bug report re: NE1000 network cards.

Slash'em (game, a Nethack variant)

Bugfixes (regarding path-finding movement)

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