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Resume of Kristof Kovacs, software architect and consultant

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Senior consultant and partner, Priority Queue Consulting, 2011 – currently

Priority Queue is a boutique consulting company specializing in planning, managing, and developing bespoke web applications and high-performance backend systems for global clients.

  • Had put together and led diverse DevOps teams for various international clients
  • Helped launch a handful of early-stage startups in Europe, Asia and America
  • Have consulted on software architecture for client firms to match the specific needs of the given projects and growth needs
  • Developed several mission-critical algorithms and back-end software in Golang, C and Python
  • Had a role in massive government projects

Software Architect and CTO, partnerSYS Inc 2007 – 2011

Responsible for the development of the company's main product, Custom-R™, a Customer Relationship Management and Sales Force Automation (CRM/SFA) software, similar in features to, but more customizable. The software is being used at Renault and Ford, among other companies.

  • Responsible for all technical and HR decisions regarding product development
  • Coordinating the development efforts of programmers in Hungary and India
  • Managing operations of a proprietary high-availability cloud solution

Software Architect and co-founder, Mobile Planet Ltd 2005 – 2010

Mobile Planet is a mobile phone software development and entertainment company, whose three main products are a WAP Adventure Game Engine (called WAGE); a Twitter™-like mobile community product called "Mizu?"; and a mobile soccer manager game.

  • Our “Soccer Manager” multiplayer game was voted “Best WAP game” at Mobil Show 2006
  • WapStocks “Best business application on mobile phones” runner-up at Mobil Show 2006
  • Introduced WAGE, the first WAP-based game engine at Nokia Conference 2005 in Barcelona

Software Architect and co-founder, Online Projects Ltd 2004 – 2011

Online Projects is a software development company that specializes in delivering fast and customized software solutions by building on top of field-tested open source products like Drupal, vTiger or the Zend Framework.

  • Experience in various sectors (finance, fmcg, retail, telecomm, media, education, etc)
  • Lead the development effort of multiple very high-load websites and webapps
  • Created a stock trading simulator system for the Hungarian Stock Exchange
  • Lots of experience in managing distributed development teams and in business administration

Senior Consultant, Qualysoft Ag 1998 – 2005

As a developer, project manager and senior consultant my responsibilities were development team leading, IT advisory, programming, keeping in touch with key accounts, and supporting the sales team. During my time at the company, I worked in Hungary, Austria, and Germany.

  • More than 15 successful projects in 6 years
  • Participating in the development in two Austrian stock broker systems (Erste Bank, Meinl Bank)
  • Developed high-tech gear such as the wearable computers of Xybernaut Ag.
  • Introduced “Agile programming” development methodology
  • Built the IT infrastructure for successful ISO 9001-2002 audits
  • Military developments in Germany

Software Developer, Medimon Ltd 1995 – 1998

Development of mission-critical medical applications. Development of software for radiology stations. Planning, designing, developing and maintaining complete hospital radiology systems in several Hungarian and foreign hospitals.

  • Development of several generations of the same solution (DOS, Windows, UNIX)
  • First European commercial implementation of the DICOM medical communication protocol
  • Development of Hungary’s first tele-radiology system
  • Exhaustive QA, because repeated medical examinations cause X-ray overdose
  • Successful installations as far away as Mogilev, Belarus

Freelance Programmer, 1993 – 1995

Software development by commission for various companies.

  • One of the first Hungarian Videotext service for cable TV networks
  • Antivirus and cryptography software
  • A specialized CAD application
  • Compressed communication protocol on 2400 baud modems
  • OS-independent real-time disk encryption


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